ImmuneAid Capsules

ImmuneAid Capsules

Strengthens natural immunity

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SuAyu has brought ImmuneAid Capsule which helps strengthen immunity. A healthy immune system fights many pathogens & keeps us protected from many diseases. ImmuneAid, a formulation fortified with immunity enhancing herbs like Guduchi, Punarnava, Turmeric, Ashwagandha which are clinically proven potent immuno-modulator, anti-microbial & antioxidant hence enhances immunity and maintains the energy level of our body. Weak immunity has a huge negative impact on productivity in school, professional life and even within the family. ImmuneAid Capsule is best solution to tackle problems related with poor immunity and maintain general well-being.

Key Benefits
  • A natural Immuno-modulator strengthens immune system

  • oldage

    Fights fatigue and provides strength even in old age

  • weakness

    Recuperative, fights weakness during rehabilitation

  • relievestress

    Relieves stress

  • antiinfective

    As an adjuvant to anti-infective therapy

  • Reduces recurrent infections

Key Ingredients

ImmuneAid Capsule is a proprietary, strategic and synergistic blend of “standardized herbal extracts” which are largely derived from the time tested Indian System of Medicine “Ayurveda” and validated by modern scientific methods. These herbs are tested for heavy metals, steroids and pesticides hence very safe and effective.


Shatavari known to increase vitality and fertility. It supports normal functioning of digestive and immune system


Yashtimadhu has immune stimulatory and macrophage activation function along with its potent anti-inflammatory properties


Ashwagandha can help regulate important physiological processes due to its adaptogenic and immuno-stimulatory potential


Haldi is one of the renowned herbs in Ayurveda, it has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and immune stimulatory properties


Guduchi is known as powerful immuno-mudulator. It helps buildup body’s resistance to infections


It is denoted as “Rasayana” in Ayurveda because of its powerful rejuvenating potential. It improves various physiological functions

Other Ingredients

Karela, Lashuna, Bahera, Haritaki, Shobhanjana, Punarnava, Ratanjot, Kanchnara, Gorakshamundi, Rohitaka, Safedmusali, Udumbara, Mustab

Direction for use

1 Capsule twice a day after meal for 3 months or as directed by the physician.
To be stored at room temperature in a cool and dry place, keep away from direct sunlight.

With Water or Milk

ImmuneAid Capsule should be taken with lukewarm water

At Morning

1 Capsule

At evening

1 Capsule

Do not use if seal is broken

Keep out of reach of children Tighten the container after use

Consult your physician/healthcare professional if you are pregnant or a nursing mother

Tips to strengthen immunity
Get enough sleep and wake up early in the morning
Do regular walk, exercise, yoga and meditation
Maintain a healthy weight by taking a balanced diet, eat plenty of fruits, vegetable and whole grain
Avoid smoking and restrict alcohol consumption
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ImmuneAid FAQs

1. What happens if I miss a dose of ImmuneAid Capsule?

Ans: The herbal ingredients of ImmuneAid Capsule have cumulative physiological beneficial effects. Missing a dose may break the continuity of the herbal actions. Hence it is recommended that you should not miss a dose of ImmuneAid Capsule during the course of therapy.

2. What happens if I take overdose of ImmuneAid Capsule?

3. Can I take ImmuneAid Capsule for longer duraion?

4. Are there any side effects of ImmuneAid Capsule?

5. In which conditions ImmuneAid Capsule is useful?

6. Can I take ImmuneAid Capsule with other medications which I am already using?

7. For minimum how many months, I have to continue the therapy?

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