JointAid Oil

JointAid Oil

For quick relief from joint & muscular pain

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SuAyu’s JointAid oil is a unique combination of time tested ayurvedic ingredients, scientifically processed and formulated to give quick relieve from all joint pains. JointAid oil is made from the exclusive modern technology which begins with the use of 90 effective ayurvedic herbs to create 14 effective oils out of it. JointAid oil is beneficial in various joint related pain, stiffness, muscular pain and sprain. It rapidly absorbs and relieves pain and inflammation of affected area even with less quantity. It doesn’t create any stain and completely non sticky.

Key Benefits
  • Quick relief in all joint related pain and inflammation

  • Highly effective in knee pain and back pain

  • Provides complete relief in shoulder and neck pain

  • Ensures relief in muscular pain & spasm

  • Useful in sciatica and sprain


Joint Aid 1 Month Combo  

For relief from joint pain, muscular pain and cartilage damage

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SuAyu’s JointAid oil and Joint Aid Capsule combo package is an unique combination of the two products which take care of your overall joints and bone health. This combo is designed for one month course. This combo will provide a comprehensive solution for Joint management. JointAid Oil works externally while Capsule works internally by reaching to the affected area through blood circulation. JointAid oil may beneficial in various joint related pain, stiffness, muscular spasm and sprain. It rapidly absorbs and relieves pain and inflammation of affected area with less quantity. JointAid Capsule an effective ayurvedic phyto-formulation helps to protect the cartilage damage, support lubrication to the joints and thereby useful for healthy joint management.

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Key Ingredients

JointAid oil is a proprietary, strategic and synergistic blend of concentrated natural essential oils which are largely derived from the time tested Indian System of Medicine “Ayurveda” and validated by modern scientific methods. These herbal oils are tested for heavy metals, steroids and pesticides hence very safe and effective


Gandhpuro oil is anti-inflammatory, analgesic effects produced due to inhibition of various inflammatory pathway


Taj oil significantly decreases inflammation, edema and pain when applied externally

Nilgiri Oil

It is effective in reducing subjective pain and posseses anti-inflammatory actions by regulating number of inflammatory mediators

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is known for its analgesic anesthetic and anti-inflammatory activities due to its effect on various pathways


Shallaki has shown powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects by various mechanisms

Karpura Oil

Karpoor oil is good nerve stimulant and counter irritant for joints and muscular pain and produces feeling of coolness

Other Ingredients

Alsi, Til, Mahanarayan oil, Musterd, Mahavishgarbh oil, Lavang, Kali mirch

Direction for use

Apply sufficient quantity of jointaid Ayurvedic oil and gently massage over affected area 2-4 times daily or as directed by the physician.
*For best results in chronic cases, it is advisable to take JointAid capsules.
To be stored at room temperature in a cool and dry place, keep away from direct sunlight.

At Morning

Gently massage over affected area

At noon

Gently massage over affected area

Before bed

Gently massage over affected area

Keep out of reach of children, Tighten the container after use

For external use only, avoid open wound, bruise, nasal and eye contact

Always wash your hands before and after use

Tips for Healthy bones & Joints
Eat calcium reach food
Go for regular walk or do regular exercise and yoga
Maintain a healthy weight by taking a balanced diet
Perfect your posture for protecting your joints
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JointAid FAQs

1. Can I use JointAid oil for longer duraion?

Ans: Yes. JointAid oil can be used for a longer duration safely. JointAid oil is blend of traditionally used natural essential oils with a long history of safe and effective usage.

2. Are there any side effects of JointAid oil?

3. In which conditions JointAid oil is useful?

4. Can I take SuAyu’s JointAid capsule while using JointAid oil?

5. For minimum how many months, I have to continue the therapy?

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